Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Big Day

Well I think that Nathan may have discovered a new hobby... TRIATHLONS!! This weekend was the Tri for Sight Triathlon in Lexington, KY. After the wedding, Nathan and Andy Wicke decided that this was something they wanted to accomplish. Therefore training began! Nathan has been working so hard running, biking, and swimming along with making sure he had all of the right triathlon toys such as goggles, swim cap, the right jersey, gel packs, and the list continues!! However the big weekend had finally arrived. We headed out of town Friday afternoon to meet Andy and Emily in Louisville. The boys rode their bikes and made a last minute run to the triathlon store while the girls shopped, which is what we train for! Ha! Emily and I laughed that we are so thankful that we didn't have to train everyday to come see each other!! Maybe one day! We met one of Andy's friends from dental school named Aaron and loaded up the cars with the bikes, transition bags, and water bottles at 4:30 am!! Yes 4:30 am!! I think the boys were nervous yet excited about what they were about to conquer!

As we arrived at the site it was still dark but they could tell it was going to be a gorgeous day! They took their bikes to the transition site which is where everyone lines their bikes and gear up based upon their race number. The first event is the swim which is an 800 meter swim. The pool was across the street and all they could take with them was their swim cap and goggles. Therefore they had to run back to the transition site to prepare for the bike ride barefoot!! How manly!! We were able to watch them swim and then we headed to the transition site to watch as they took off on their bikes for 18.5 miles! During their bike ride we were able to see that Emily and I were clearly amateur triathlon wives! There were women with chairs, books and coolers as we sat on the pavement starving! We will be better prepared next time for sure!

After the bike ride they came back through the transition site to drop their bikes off and start their 4 mile run to the finish line. We anxiously waited at the line for them and before we knew it we spotted Nathan coming around the corner to finish at 1:53:00 which put him at 8th in his age division!! His goal was to finish under 2 hours and he did it!! Shortly after Emily said "oh here comes Andy but he has his shirt off" so I started taking pictures of who we thought was Andy only to find out that I took some great pictures of some complete stranger! But luckily I was at the finish line because we looked up and the real Andy was coming through the line!! We were so proud of them!! They really accomplished something great and I know it is only the first of many more to come!!

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  1. This is so wonderful!! You captured the moments perfectly, and I can't imagine how proud they are for completing such an accomplishment; not to mention the amazing support they had from their spouses!! What an awesome experience for everyone...CONGRATS!!!!