Friday, September 10, 2010

Lake Living

After a wonderful weekend in Louisville, KY, we ventured back home to East TN to spend a relaxing Labor Day on the lake with our good friends Tyler & Whitney and their girls, Kyle & Kristyn, and Jad & Jenn and their kids. And you know Nathan just the mention of going on the lake is like offering to take a kid to Disney! Tyler and Whitney invited us up to their "House Boat" on Norris to spend the day with their precious girls wake surfing and playing in the water! If you are like me though you imagine a house boat being this huge boat with a motor that people take out on the lake for the weekend. However that is not the type of house boats unique to Norris in East TN. They are literally houses on docks that are tethered in place with electricity and city water!! If you ask me this is the perfect lake living!!!

We played in the water with the kids jumping off the deck, flipping over the noodles, and laughing as all we heard was "do it again Nate!!" from the kids!! It was so cute!! We then went out for some wake surfing! This was so fun to watch as you are literally surfing the wake behind the boat without a rope! I was quite impressed with Whitney's skills as she can also get up with her little girl on the board too! I was the last to go but managed to get up and on the wake but a little hesitant to let go of the rope. I'll get 'em next year!

We had such a wonderful time and we are so thankful for these awesome relationships we have created here in Knoxville!! I know there will be many more memories to come!!

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