Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Start of Something New...

Ok well I finally did it and I am so excited! I have started a blog in my spare time between school and work! Ha! But I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it! We also hope this lets you into a little window of our life here on Rocky Top!!!

We have obviously had a very exciting summer!! Our wedding was absolutely everything I had ever dreamed of and we can not thank you ALL enough for making it soo special for us!!! Jamaica was wonderful!! We contemplated not leaving! However the trip started off pretty interesting! Our flight was delayed therefore we were going to miss our connecting flight but thank you Delta for putting us on a new flight and upgrading to FIRST CLASS!! We felt like we had really arrived!! But things were bound to get worse... we arrived in Jamaica with no luggage. We were a little worried by the pop-up desk with the little lady behind it that was guarantying the arrival of our luggage. But willingly we boarded a tiny bus where we met some wonderful friends who were on their 10th wedding anniversary trip. We ventured over the hills with our hands raised as if we were on a roller coster (at times I felt like we were)!! But then in the middle of nowhere appeared our GORGEOUS resort! We had arrived in paradise (while our luggage arrived the next morning)!! The food was incredible and the sun was amazing! We snorkeled, rode the catamaran, played games by the pool with other couples, and enjoyed some interesting shows on the resort! After an amazing week in paradise we arrived back in Nashville to be greeted by our parents with "Welcome Home Olivers!!" signs created by my wonderful sister-in-law Lauren! It was soo nice to be greeted at the airport like celebrities!!

The summer then got a little crazy. Nathan had been offered a wonderful internship with Hawkins Partners on 1st avenue downtown. We knew this was an opportunity that he needed to act on. We were just so thankful for this wonderful opportunity. However I still had my job as a nurse in the Neonatal ICU back in Knoxville. So as you can imagine things got interesting but thankfully as a nurse I can set my schedule a little easier than most!! So I became a traveling wife back and forth from Knoxville to Hendersonville. I-40 and I became good friends this summer! While in Hendersonville we lived in Nathan's great-grandparents house next to his grandmother. We absolutely LOVED it and hope one day to be back permanently. Being next-door to grandmother was amazing and the fresh vegetables from the family garden out back was even better!! Another exciting thing that occurred this summer is my new sister-in-law got married to a wonderful man Neal Heath!! We are soo excited to have him in the family! The wedding was absolutely amazing!! It was such a fun wedding party and we all had a blast together!! We were so honored to be a part of the wedding and we can't wait for the adventures that we are going to experience together!!!


  1. Fantastic blog! You are a great writer. Thank you for letting us old folks enjoy read about the young ones we love so much!

  2. YAY!!!!! I absolutely LOVE your blog and I am SOOO excited to read about your life. :) You did such a great job.. it looks so great!! Miss you!!!